The staff of Lifeways has a strong commitment to the development of the archaeological and historical knowledge of western Canada.

Lifeways produces consulting reports for private industry that make the best use of the information derived from HRIA and HRIM work to contribute to the knowledge-base. Because of this, Lifeways is often called upon to assist foundations, societies, universities or government agencies in undertaking research-oriented projects. Lifeways even undertakes some research projects of its own accord to help build the foundation of our knowledge of the region’s past.

Recent examples of research-oriented projects include surveys and excavations in Yellowstone National Park, excavation and stabilization work at the Stampede Site, and excavations at the Upper Lovett Campsite.


Did you know that...

That the First Nations people in southern Alberta used dog travois to help carry belongings between camps? They were heavily relied on for this before horses were introduced into the area.