Statement of Justification (SoJ) and Historical Resources Overview (HRO)

More in-depth historical resources or archaeological work associated with proposed developments may be preceded by a Statement of Justification (SoJ) or Historical Resources Overview (HRO) of the project by a consulting archaeologist to determine if a Historical Resources Impact Assessment (HRIA) should or should not be done. The SoJ/HRO will describe the area and proposed development impact, known historical resources in the area, and the potential of the area to hold unrecorded resources that may be impacted by development. If the consultant is of the opinion that an HRIA should not be done because of the land’s condition and low archaeological potential, they will write a letter or brief report (HRO) and accompanying clearance form to Alberta Culture addressed to the Assistant Deputy Minister requesting clearance for the lands/project. Should Alberta Culture concur, a clearance letter will be issued by the Assistant Deputy Minister. No further historical resource studies will be required or undertaken.

If the consultant recommends in an SoJ/HRO that further archaeological or historical resources work be undertaken, and Alberta Culture concurs, then an HRIA will be required. However, if Lifeways is prepared to recommend that HRIA work be required in an Overview, or are otherwise certain that ACCS will require such, we will inform our client, and recommend that they save time and resources by simply by-passing the HRO stage and moving towards the implementation of HRIA work.


Did you know that...

Evidence of one of the oldest structures in North America was excavated at the Vermillion Lakes site just outside of Banff, dating to close to 10,000 years ago?