Historical Resources Act Clearance (HRAC)

Before certain types of development in Alberta occur the developer must obtain Historical Resources Act clearance from the Province. This approval is often granted on the basis of a combination of Historical Resources Overview, Historical Resources Impact Assessment, and Historical Resources Mitigation work. In some cases, most notably with small-scale oil and gas projects, clearance can be granted on the basis of an application form submitted to Alberta Culture, closely outlining the relationship of the proposed development to known historical resources or areas of potential as outlined in the Listing of Historic Resources (formerly the Listing of Significant Sites and Places, Public Version). These applications may or may not be submitted with a Historical Resources Overview or Statement of Justification prepared by a professional archaeologist. In these cases, the consultant is often indicating that, based on locational information provided by the client, a known historical resource or area of high potential is located at a sufficient distance from a proposed development and therefore will not impact it.

Lifeways assists many clients in producing and submitting Historical Resources Act clearance applications to the Province, either as stand alone documents or in association with one of the above listed types of study.

Please contact us if you have been asked to submit such an application to Alberta Culture.


Did you know that...

That the First Nations people in southern Alberta used dog travois to help carry belongings between camps? They were heavily relied on for this before horses were introduced into the area.