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Lifeways of Canada Limited is a private company specializing in archaeological and heritage consulting. Incorporated in 1972, it is Alberta's oldest cultural resource consulting and contracting company, providing services to both government and private industries in Western Canada and the adjacent United States. Lifeways of Canada Limited employs seven project archaeologists permitted to conduct archaeological fieldwork in Alberta, Saskatchewan, the Northwest Territories, Montana, and Wyoming. Ten senior archaeologists work as excavators, lab technicians, and researchers for the company. Founder of the company, Dr. Brian Reeves, has more than 40 years experience in the archaeological consulting business and is a recognized specialist in the archaeology of southern Alberta's plains and Rocky Mountains. For four decades Lifeways has helped conventional developers minimize their impact to the environment and we are proud to expand this tradition by providing expertise to newer, greener developments.

Did you know...

That First Nations peoples used an astonishing array of plants for medicinal purposes, treating anything from the common cold to cancers?


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